Monday, August 26, 2013

This week...August 26th

Dear family,
Well, this week was a rough one.  We went on three exchanges to help sisters in their respective areas, which kept us tired and on our toes, and planned a baptism on top of it.  And that hard part was... Hanna decided to cancel her baptism 2 hours before it was supposed to start.  She's been having a lot of opposition from her family.  She knows it's true, she knows it's good, it's just a really difficult decision.  We are seeing her this week, so that will be good.  It's been a rollar coaster.
The whole zone has been praying for her though, and I know miracles can and do happen. I've seen them.  And I know I will continue to see them. As long as I am doing the Lords work in the Lords way and in his time.  It will all work out.
I played the piano and sang in sacrament on sunday.  No, I did not volunteer to do it, I like to think more i was tricked into it. But that's besides the point.  I played my song 'the Healer' by request.  It was a neat experience actually and I'm so grateful to be able to use the talent given to me to help other people.  There was one lady in particular who hasn't come to church for 20 years, and she was there on sunday. I knew who she was, and she came and talked to me afterwards with tears in her eyes and told me that she can't feel the spirit, that it's a really hard thing for her.  And that during my song was the first time in long long time she has discernably been able to feel something.  I don't think I could get a better compliment than that. 
Also, this adorable 8 year old tugged at my arm and asked me to play that song for her baptism on thursday - which of course I said yes to.  And the young women of the ward had a council meeting and asked if they could use it as their theme song for next year.  :) Exciting stuff for me! I just feel super blessed.
We had a chance to get out a little this week. Here's a pic of sis moon, sis Montgomery (someone we took on exchanges) and myself over at Belle Isle - one of my favorite spots in richmond.
Inline image 1
View of Richmond and the James River from the footbridge.
Inline image 3
It's transfer week - and we'll be getting our calls tomorrow. They changed it on us, normally I would know where I was going or if I was going right now.  Sis Moon and I are really hoping to stay together for my last transfer. Wish us luck! I'll let you know what happens next week.
Love you all,
sis Skousen

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