Monday, July 22, 2013

Tough week in Gayton...

Hi Mom and Dad
Thanks for your emails! I always look forward to hearing from you. It's the boost I need on a Monday.  And mom, thanks SO much for your letter.  I wrote you back, but true to form, I haven't sent it yet. I'll pop it in the mail today. :) It really helped, and nothing beats a hand written letter... EVER! So thanks.
To answer your questions: No I don't have a release date yet, they are working on a couple things in the office to let us know.  I should know in a couple weeks I think.
That's so cool that Meghan and Lecy got their mission calls! SO Exciting! I told my friends down in Chesapeake to look for elder Horrocks.  That's super exciting.
IT's crazy how fast time flies.  Sometimes it feels like it drags... but when you look back on it, it's so quick!
We had kind of a tough week here in Gayton.  We were dropped this week by a couple of our investigators.  That's always tough. We are trying to get the work picked up again, but having a hard time with the third companion here.  But it's good. We all get along which is a blessing.
Yesterday we went to our church, and then to a Presbyterian church with an investigator who invited us.  It was nice to get to go, and I see why she's so darn comfortable where she's at.  If I didn't know what I know... I'd think it was a great gig! haha.  They gave a nice sermon on a book in the bible, had some nice things to say, but as you know... it was missing something.  A good experience though.
We taught a really good lesson to our investigator Hannah this week.  She's great. She's progressing and we are working towards baptism with her.  She's young, 21, but has been through a lot.  She has such a light in her though and she loves the gospel even though she has a lot of opposition.  She will get there eventually.  She's reading and praying and making progress! 
Well that's about it for me this week. Love you so much.  Tell Jake and Siera I'd love to hear from them... Sheesh! Story of my mission life.  Don't worry about hounding them too much.... but I really do want to hear from them.  Thanks, parents, for all you do.  I appreciate your love and support, you are amazing. I'm lucky to have you!
Love you!
sis Skousen

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