Monday, September 23, 2013

Just keep swimming....

Hi Family!
This week has been exhausting.  It's so frustrating when people make promises to the Lord and to you and they don't follow through. That was pretty much the story of our week.  In other news, we found a bunch of new investigators. We felt prompted to knock a few doors in a particular area the other day, and we found this guy named Patrick. We taught him the restoration and it went really well. After we got done at his doorstep I just knew that he was the reason we went over there and needed to knock doors in that area. So that was kinda cool.
We volunteered at a 5k race in the community Saturday morning, and I decided to pull some back flips in the bouncy house... and I totally threw out my back. I was in lots of pain... I was having a hard time walking and everything I did just put me in a world of hurt. I was about to call it quits because I just couldn't handle it anymore... then I remembered this story mom sent me a while back:
" went down to the apartments and the plumber was supposed to show up, but never did.  So, dad went up and down those 3 flights of stairs on his crutches but managed to fix the leak himself.  He had to go up and down about 3 times, so he was hurting a little today.  He is such a trooper.  One thing I know you have a great example of in your excuses.  Just get the job done, no matter how hard, and no matter what it takes."
And since dad and me are made of the same stuff, I figured I could push through too. And we continued working through the rest of the day and found some new investigators as a result.  I think we grow the most when we do things that we really don't want to do... or think we can't do. I learn so much every day.  Thanks for all the love and support from home... I love you guys so much.
See you in three weeks!
Love Sis Skousen

PS The pic is a couple of us saying goodbye to sis Reeves, the office missionary. She went home last tuesday.

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